Friday, November 23, 2007

How to use General Options in modeler

How to use General Options in modeler

To use General Options in modeler

Modeler > Options > General Options

Step 1

You can access the General Options panel by choosing the Modeler and then choose the Options. After that, you need to select the General Options. You can also press (D) to access general options.

The Content Directory is a central file path for loading objects, images, and scenes.

Polygon is to force the computer to use the Triangles or Quadrangles; you could select either one for the Polygon setting. You need to choose Automatic to let the computer creates the most appropriate polygon type for each given operation.

The Flatness Limit setting determines whether Modeler regards a polygon as planar or not.

All polygons must have a surface name. When geometry is created, polygons are given the default surface name with DEFAULT. You can change the default name by changing the Surface field.

The Curve Divisions setting determines how smooth a curve is.

The Patch Division setting determines the level of details used in the resulting object. The number entered in the Patch Division field must be 1 or greater and is restricted to whole numbers.

The Metaball Resolution setting determines the amount of detail used to display metaballs.

LightWave Modeler offers an undo function that lets you take back the last change you made while working on an object.

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