Friday, November 23, 2007

How to use merge point inside modeler

How to use merge point inside modeler

To use merge point inside modeler

Step 1

If you would like to use the Merge Points command, first you have to go to the Merge Points under the Construct menu. The merge point is used to remove the points that occupy the same or very nearly the same space. Automatic merges the points that share the same space. For objects or portions of objects that you have cut from the main object with the intention of merging later (back into their original positions) use Automatic.

Fractional takes the size of the object and takes a fraction of that size as the merge distance. This value is a Power of 10. The higher the value, the less points are merged.

Absolute merges any points within the specified Distance of one another. When merged, one point will move to the location of anotherMerge will not average the distance between points to create a new point midway between them. As such, the related polygon may be stretched as necessary.

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